VCE Tutoring

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Our VCE tutoring program is designed to provide comprehensive support to high school students aiming to excel in their VCE examinations. With our experienced tutors, students gain access to exclusive resources and personalized assistance, ensuring a tailored curriculum that caters to their specific school coverage, practice exams, class structure, and learning goals.

We offer after-hours assistance, a convenient backend booking system, and easy access to class notes and receipts.

We aim to prepare students of all levels in VCE to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve VCE success.

What's included?

Tailored tutoring.

Catered to school coverage (catered coverage), practice exams, class structure, and goals (learning intentions).

Subject covered.

Chemistry, Physics, Methods, Specialists, and General Maths.

Exclusive benefits.

Access to exclusive resources, notes, and personalised assistance.

Comprehensive support.

After hours assistance with questions, backend bookings, logins, and receipts of class notes.


We offer a flexible range of payments plans and options so that your child has the same opportunity to learn.

1on1 classes begin at $65 per hour.

Online on microsoft teams.

Focus group classes begin at $32 per hour.

Group lessons at our specialised learning centre.

Take the stress out of VCE.

We understand the pressures and demands that come with VCE, and that’s why our tutoring service are designed to alleviate the academic burden and help you flourish.

Our experienced tutors are committed to providing personalized assistance, creating a tailored curriculum that aligns with your school coverage, practice exams, class structure, and learning intentions.

In addition to our supportive learning environment, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources and notes that will enhance your preparation for the exams. Let us be your partner on this transformative journey, guiding you towards VCE success with confidence and ease. Embrace a brighter future with LOAV Tuitions by your side.

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