Selective Entry Prep

What's included?

Our specialized program is designed to prepare students for the competitive selective school entry exams. With experienced tutors, targeted study materials, and practice tests, we empower students to excel in the challenging selection process.

Includes entry into:

Melbourne High School (boys only) in South Yarra.

The Mac Robertson Girl’s High School (girls only) in Melbourne.

Nossal High School (all genders) in Berwick.

Suzzane Cory High School (all genders) in Werribee.

Next exam: July 2024, Year 9 entry into 2025.

Class structure.

Prep time.

10 months of preparation time from August.

Hours per week.

4 hours weekly.


2 hours of writing, verbal reasoning, and reading comprehension.


2 hours of numerical reasoning and mathematical ability.


Get exclusive access to our selective entry preparation classes.

Group classes begin at $27 per hour.

Exam strategies, shortcuts, and a history of successful students

Efficient small study groups and ex-success student tutors.

Student mentoring from successful students.

Know the process...

• 40 minute written exam (2 essays: creative and persuasive)

• 30 minute verbal reasoning (vocabulary, inferences,                    synonyms/antonyms, alike/unalike etc.)

• 30 minute numerical reasoning (patterns, logic, applicational        problem solving, ratios etc.)

• 30 minute reading comprehension (inferences, comprehension,    connotations, etc.)

• 30 minute mathematical ability (geometry, linear, quadratics,      algebra, financial maths, etc)

For more information or how to excel, enrol today before the end of August for a LOAV Tuition’s guarantee into your 1st preference selective school. (terms and conditions apply).

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