JMSS/EBS Entry Prep

What's included?

Our experienced tutors are well-versed in the unique requirements of John Monash Science School (JMSS) and Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences (EBS) entry exams. We provide comprehensive study materials, focused practice tests, and personalized guidance to help students achieve outstanding results.

Includes entry into:

John Monash Science School (all genders).

Elizabeth Blackburn School (all genders).

Next exam: June 2024, Year 10 entry into 2025.

Services that we offer

Prep time.

9 Months Prep Time from August.

Hour per week.

4 hours weekly.


2 hours: Maths (numerical reasoning, mathematical ability).


2 hours: Science (practical reports, science reasoning, communications essays).


Get exclusive access to our JMSS/EBS entry preparation classes.

Group classes begin at $27 per hour.

Exam strategies, shortcuts, and a history of successful students

Efficient small study groups and ex-success student tutors.

Student mentoring from successful students.

Know the process...

1st Filter: Exam

• 30 minute Numerical Reasoning (patterns, logic, applicational      problem solving, ratios etc.)
• 30 minute Science Reasoning (logical applications in science,      foundations in physics, chemistry biology, geography and            psychology, interpretation and analysis of graphs etc.)

• 30 minute Mathematical Achievement (coordinate geometry,        geometry, algebra, quadratics, applicational problem solving        etc.)

• 30 minute Science Writing (Practical Report)

• 30 minute Science Communication (Communications Essay)

2nd Filter: Interview
• Enrol now to learn about the interview process:
  Ice breakers, object reflection, logic riddles, maths application,    interview.

Optional: 3rd Filter

• (JMSS accelerated methods class)

•  Enrol now to learn about the JMSS accelerated class that is       offered upon student acceptance. Strive to be the best of the     best now.


For more information or how to excel, enrol today before the end of August for a LOAV Tuition’s guarantee into your 1st preference selective school. (terms and conditions apply).

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